Troubleshooting Hldsupdatetool.exe Win32 Removal Failed.

You may have encountered an error due to which hldsupdatetool.exe win32 could not be uninstalled. There are several ways to solve this problem, we’ll talk about them now.

AuthenticationServerRSApublickey failed

When I try to create an account for the HL updater, I type:

What does this mean?

The Steam Console or SteamCMD client is a good command line version of the Steam client. Its main use is to install and update the various dedicated servers available on Steam through the command line interface. This works with games using the core SteamPipe content system. All games in the bundle have been moved from the old one to hldsupdatetool SteamCMD.

Download SteamCMD




Create a user profile called steam to easily run SteamCMD and isolate it from others connected to the operating system. Do not exit steamcmd as a user kernel – this is a security risk.

sudo -m useradd steamsudo steam password
sudo -u strong steam -scd / home / steam

Package from repositories

1. It is recommended to install the SteamCMD package from the articles in your repositories, if any:

sudo apt enable steamcmd
yum install steamcmd
git clone disk steam cmdmakepkg -if

error delete of hldsupdatetool.exe failed win32

sudo ln -s /usr/games/steamcmd /home/steam/steamcmd


docker open -it --name=steamcmd cm2network/steamcmd bash

This image will most likely be used as the bottom image for Steam based dedicated servers.Example:


1. Before your website is up and running, you must first download the required dependencies to run SteamCMD:

error delete of hldsupdatetool.exe failed win32

sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1
yum install glibc.i686 libstdc++.i686
known as steam

If you do not log in as root, but instead use sudo to administer, an escalation occurs that the user can mitigate as follows:

sudo -iu par
mkdir ~/Steam && cd ~/Steam
curl -sql "" | resin zxvf-
sudo apt-get arrange screen tmux -y;


mkdir ~/Cd Steam && ~/Steam
curl -sql "" | Resin Resin zxvf -

Launch SteamCMD

The first run will automatically update steamcmd and enter your requirements at the Steam> prompt. Enter help to geti additional information.


cd C:steamcmdsteam cmd


CD~steam cmd
CD ~/Steam./

SteamCMD Login


Anonymous login

With An Absolute Steam Account


If you need to activate Guard Steam for a user account, always check your email and enter the Guard Come passcode. This is only required the first time you log in (as is the case with deleting the files where SteamCMD stores credentials).

It would be helpful to see a message that you have successfully signed into your account.

Download Application

2. Set the application as the main installation directory. (Note: use forward abbreviation for backslash Linux/macOS and for Windows.)

force_install_dir ./cs_go/

Valve recommends linking the installation directory before deploying.

4. Or simply install and update the app using the app_update command (providing the Steam App ID). Please check the list of dedicated servers Here: List of fully dedicated servers. To also easily validate it, add validate to the tag. Upload to the beta branch, use some of the -beta options – for the reasons given, the HLDS beta branch is named beta and SrcDS Beta Desktop is named preview . Some beta testing areas are password protected; To allow people to actually download it, add the -betapassword option.

app_update  [-beta [-betapassword ] ] [validate]

HLDS is a special case: the application ID is always 90, and the correct module must be selected first. This is done by setting the request configuration parameter mod to the desired value.

Example: installing and verifying a CounterStrike: Global Offensive 740 dedicated server:
Confirm app_update
Example: Installing HLDS with additional Team Fortress Classic check:
app_set_config 90 mod tfccheck app_update 90
Example: Installing and verifying HLDS Beta (Half-Life):
app_update 90 -beta Beta check
Example. Acquire and check out the beta version of some Counter Strike dedicated servers: Source:
app_update 232330 - check pre-beta
Example: install and authenticate the Natural Selection 2 custom system closed beta (name alpha, password natsel):
[beta name] is the name of the private branch “beta”
[beta code] is the exact password of the private beta branch
app_update 4940 -beta leader -betapassword natsel validate

5. When you’re done, click exit to exit the server thread.




Validate is the actual command that checks all device files to make sure they compare against SteamCMD files. This command is useful when you suspect file types are missing or corrupted.

It is still recommended to use this direction only for initial installation and multi-server issues.

Supported Servers

A list of known servers using SteamCMD for installation is available on the dedicated server list page. Please pay attentionKeeping in mind all the additional commands listed, which should be executed before the app_update line.

Automate SteamCMD

There are two ways to automate SteamCMD. (Replace steamcmd with ./ on Linux/macOS.)

Command Line

Add commands to the direction line with a plus sign in front, for example:

steamcmd +force_install_dir ../csgo_ds .+login .anonymous .+app_update .740 .+exit

To .install .a .game .mod .HL1 specific, .like .like .Counter-Strike: .Condition .Zero:

steamcmd .+force_install_dir .../czero +login created +app_set_config Mod 90 czero +app_update three months +logout
steamcmd +force_install_dir c:KFServer +login  

+app_update 215350 +exit

Create Script

1. Manually paste all your SteamCMD commands into a text file. (You can add comments starting with //.) Example:

Erro De Exclusao De Hldsupdatetool Exe Falhou Win32
Oshibka Udaleniya Hldsupdatetool Exe Ne Udalos Win32
Fel Borttagning Av Hldsupdatetool Exe Misslyckades Win32
Hldsupdatetool Exe의 오류 삭제가 Win32에 실패했습니다
Errore Di Eliminazione Di Hldsupdatetool Exe Non Riuscito Win32
Fehler Loschen Von Hldsupdatetool Exe Win32 Fehlgeschlagen
Blad Usuwania Hldsupdatetool Exe Nie Powiodlo Sie Win32
Fout Bij Verwijderen Van Hldsupdatetool Exe Mislukt Win32
Error Al Eliminar Hldsupdatetool Exe Fallo Win32
Erreur De Suppression De Hldsupdatetool Exe A Echoue Win32