How To Fix An Error In The Vibration Analysis Troubleshooting Table

You may encounter an error code indicating that you are viewing the vibration analysis troubleshooting table. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will return to shortly. “1x” represents the base rotation speed. For example, if the rotor is definitely spinning at 1000 rpm at this point, “1x” is equal to 1000. Similarly, “2x” is equal to 2000 rpm (twice the speed of the corresponding shaft), “3x” is equal to 3000 rpm (three multiply by the channel rotation speed) and so on.

A typical modern resonance detection system is often shown. There are some shiny ones on the market.

This has really changed since I bought the first one.Unique’s ADRE systems in 1981 were HP-9000 (300) enclosures as remote controls used for real-time analysis devices.

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is a modern technology that uses the formula of Jean Baptiste Fourier (1768-1830 AD) associated with time in electronic format, displaying wave data in frequency spectra.

As a result, the vibration time signal data of the device makes sense and is fairly easy to interpret.

Mr. Ray Dodd continues to use Gratitude as Your Father’s Man, using state-of-the-art maintenance cost forecasting (PdM) programs. In the 1970s, we basically carried a portable instrument and collected vibration data with a rechargeable sensor and plotted that data with a pen in the transverse muscle. If there were global vibrations above a certain amplitude, our team would look for dominant wavelengths and record them. A long but proven process.

This letter is intended as an aid and guide to helpyou to diagnose vibration conditions. First, we’ll make sure certain terms are defined to avoid confusion.

vibration analysis troubleshooting chart

FUNDAMENTAL: this is the execution speed or 1X; called a simple or main component of the machine. This component is almost certainly also occasionally used; that is, the fundamental frequency of the passing frequency of the balls of these bearings is represented as the fundamental component separated from the harmonics in the problem of the distribution of the balls in the spectra. Always make sure it’s installed if it’s being used for something other than speed.

FIRST HARMONY: some confuse it with the 2X and 1X symbols; extremely harmonious (primarily an acoustic term) is also called a two-day RPM (2X). So be careful. Should we present it as a gong. The bell is a concentric rod of circles – the circles on the harmonicas are numbered from the center. The bell is the center, and every first circle that occurs is the first harmonic. But mechanically it would be a 2X component. [The bell, which itself is a rudimentary component Volume 1X].

CAMPING COMPONENT: BPFI (inner ring frequency)
BPFO (appearance frequency)
BSF (ball spin frequency)
FTF (fundamental frequency) Mentor’s cage problem

And there’s the easiest way: the USB method rule.

What is 1x 2X in vibration analysis?

The 1X and 2X vibration signal, mostly in the axial direction, is most often an indication of the misalignment of two connected shafts. Angular misalignment can certainly be observed when the centerlines of the shafts overlap at some point along the intended axis of the two shafts.

Nothing replaces experience; Again, enjoy the benefits of speed, you can’t analyze what customers can’t see – you can’t overlay what you can’t see or what your own tools can’t see. The integration can keep turning signals into dirt or perhaps even background noise where they become invisible or masked to death (a trend) at 600 Hz that you won’t notice.

Always check your computer’s limits. In any case, the choice of paper transducer should be a very powerful compactor with as low a pulse frequency as the temperature will allow. There are a number of good converters in this regard. Always make sure your supply chain is aligned with your interests.

I have seen so-called consultants collectstaggering data is being generated as the tracking engine goes beyond its tools. Of course, the next consecutive boat review is a huge gem. This letter is just a book to let someone know about some of the things you should be concerned about in your personal environment. Ask your converter, but make sure it has the product or feature you need, or find one that does. Of course

Bearing frequency: The lack of lubrication excites this frequency and creates a nice broad pattern of vibration around this region of continuity, making this phenomenon visible in the vibration spectra.

Note. A broadened peak or spectral peak (from the top of the peak, the complex shape of the peak widens to support background noise) indicates physical degradation. If you find that the natural frequency of the bearing is being mechanically affected, your company may want to introduce grease very slowly so as not to spook the bearing. If there is only a nice little level of hard vibration, perhaps people shouldJust note it in the report. If this is bad and a decision needs to be made, adding lubricant can give an idea of ​​the weather or help with analysis.

LINE FREQUENCY: 62 Hz US (Hz) Turbine power, rpm (3600)/60=60. In Europe, the power is 50 Hertz, so the generators have become larger and run at 3000 rpm.

What is 2X in vibration analysis?

What is 2X vibration? – Quote. This results in vibrations on both axes. This results in variable forces causing vibrations that act on his body along two axes. For example, if you are driving a huge car on a perfectly smooth car, there will be no vertical oscillation (z-axis).

LINE SYNC FREQ: 120 Hz (120 and # poles X 60 = rpm of this machine) For physical properties, especially with DC motors. In AC and DC This frequency phenomenon usually occurs at higher harmonics with high frequency problems due to electrical problems or possible problems.

vibration analysis troubleshooting chart

Electrical frequency is also displayed in fluorescent lamps and is certainly used to calibrate the graphical speedometer. I also used it in connection with triggers.

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Diagramm Zur Fehlerbehebung Bei Der Vibrationsanalyse
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