What Is Win32 Os2 And How To Fix It?

Recently, some readers have come across a known error message with win32 os2. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s get to know them below.

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I have received several requests for detailed instructions on installing Win32 on Win-OS/2. Personally, I don’t use any applications that actually require Win32s, but I installed it to create this page. I often use Warp 4.0. I can only help you if you are using Warp 3.0, these are required files.

Following the instructionsFollowing the instructions below, Win32 were added without problems. First I was able to fully start Freecell to make sure Win32s was working properly. If you get error messages during installation, I can’t help you. Families can search for “win32s os2” at http://dejanews.com. This will surely search all newsgroups and give you all the related posts to really answer the search query.

OS/2 Warp 4.0

OS/2 Warp 4.0 continues to support Win32 until version 1.25. It *really* supports, the actual program is not added to the Warp.


win32s125.zip from the hobbes website, ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/windows/w32s125.zip. You may want to use a reliable FTP client, as the file size is considered to be 2270907 bytes.

Quickly place win32s125.zip in a directory and unzip it. You will get unzipped files:

  • Open an OS/2 splash screen, navigate to the directory containing the win32 files and files, and run WIN32SPACK.-dThis executable is a self-executing file and also creates the following subdirectories:

  • DISK1
  • DISK2
  • From any File menu, select Run, navigate to x:tempdirdisk1setup.exe, and select OK.

    The Pickup Run window should now appear. Select OK and the installation of the Win32s patch will begin.

    During installation, the program will ask if you want to set up FreeCell. This is a program that you can run to make sure the Win32 files are installed correctly. Warp 4.0 provides a file named README in the root directory. This file contains important information and troubleshooting tips for Win32.

    OS/2 Warp 3.0

    In addition to the one file type above, the following files are also required for Warp 3.0 users:

    Is os2 still supported?

    OS/2 lives! IBM may have continued to support it until 2001. Due to its stability, it could be widely used in ATMs and other embedded applications. Even today, OS/2 is used often enough to survive, as OS/2-based operating systems are sold and supported by vendors such as eComStation and Arca Noae.

    warp32s.zipftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/windows/warp32s.zip. These files are 549448 bytes in size. If you have problems with the operation, I can help you with more than the above. I am using Warp 4.0. See the proposal above for a general dejanews study.

    Advice From IBM

    win32 os2

    The following reference information is from the README file included with Warp 4.0. Users may still benefit from reading the current version of Warp 3.0.

    Using WIN32s Applications

  • 1.15
  • 1.20
  • 1.25
  • 1.25a
  • The win32s application tested by IBM does not support the following types.

  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • EndNote2 Plus
    • If you fail to install the WIN32s task and receive a Fanbase error message:

    2. If you create a partition with native DOS and then Windows on it, you must remove references to Windows network directories on other drives in each of our AUTOEXEC.BAT files. For example:


    3. Open WIN-OS/2 and reinstall the application if necessary.

    4. After successfully installing the application, maintain the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to return each path statement as it was before the changes were made.

  • For WIN-OS/2 drives that you use to run WIN32s applications, change the DOS setting for DOS_FILES to 255.
  • When using a win32s application, if you get an error that there is not enough memory when submitting a form, change the DOS setting to DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT to reduce the amount of DPMI detection. This change frees up more space for WIN32 memory.
  • To start FoxPro, visually change the DOS setting so that DPMI_MEMORY_LIMIT displays 16.
  • Win32s 1.30 And OS/2 Warp Not Supported, BUT …….Yes

    This is just some of the information I gleaned from the newsgroup posts. I don’t know if they work or not, but I thought some might want to try them. here

    Okay, an exercise to get Photoshop v4.0 LE working.

    Is Windows based on os2?

    Initially, an almost complete version of the relevant Windows code was contained within OS/2 itself: Windows 3.0 in OS/2 2.0 and Windows 3.1 in OS/2 2.1.

    Open a full-screen WinOS/2 session and install Photoshop. Just install Win32s 1.30. Is this a total fail if you’ve ever used OS/2? Flies after assembly x:OS2MDOSWINOS2SYSTEMWIN32S.INI and additionally reinstalls Win32s 1.25. Works almost like any beauty with Nikon LS20.

    From: [email protected] (Steffen Siebert)Newsgroups: comp.os.os2.appsRe: Photoshop 3.04 *WORK* on Warp Ten (really!)

    I know it’s hard to believe, but IBM was finally able to support Photoshop 3.04 in Warp 4. I don’t know if they did it “accidentally”, but their statement, which includes a readme file and a closed APAR in Photoshop as a “permanent limitation” let no one believe it.

    win32 os2

    In any case, now it can be learned, and if you run to create p Problems, here’s how I did it:

    1. The main problem is the previously installed “real” Windows 3.x, which Warp 4 cannot fallback to (it comes with its own WinOS2). But Warp 4 still claims to use some files from some sort of “real” Windows and adds course to the path specification contained in the autoexec.bat file.

    Warp for readme suggests not specifying a path before installing w32s programs. But in my case, even after our successful installation, Photoshop only launches if I save the removed paths.

    Please note that WinOS2 may not be able to access some required files without a path. I had to copy the printer driver that Laserjet supports to the WinOS2 directory!

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